2022 Calendar – Behind the Scenes

Published on November 12, 2021

By now 2022 calendar delivers are being delivered. This year has been a success with 70+ sold to people in 6 different states. As always, a huge thanks to everyone has purchased one, be it this year or in years past. Calendars are one of my biggest sources of revenue for this “hobby”. Proceeds from calendar sales directly help cover gas and lodging costs when making these trips. And ultimately, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy putting it together each year. I’ll hush now, and let you read more about each of the photos in this years calendar. Unfortunately, that’s also more of me talking.

This photo was taken near Dogwood Missouri last winter. We don’t get a ton of good quality snow it seems, and when it does, it’s hard to find the time to get out and photograph it. This day the snow began while I was at work which meant i had to drive home during it in the afternoon. The roads were mostly baron, which meant I had time to stop in the middle of the road, get out and take the photo without having to worry about getting stuck or being ran into. That’s one of the joys of rural America.

This photo was taken at Ten Mile Pond Conservation Area near East Prairie in 2016. It’s one of my oldest landscape photos, but one that still gets shared around to this day.
This photo of the Wallace’s fish house at Dorena Missouri was taken 2 winters ago. The week before the photo was taken Mrs. Wanda had given me permission to photograph the spot. I had done some driving around in the snow this morning but had not found really any special photos. I had also forgotten to charge my camera the night before and by the time I made it to this spot the battery was flashing at me, undoubtedly in it’s final moments of life. I fully setup this shot and composed it with the camera turned off and only turned the camera back on when I was 100% ready to set the focus and take the image. There’s a certain giddy excitement you get when you know that you have a shot in the bag. The drive home is the most exciting, nerve wracking time you’ll experience. Luckily everything turned out, including this image.
This was taken during this years Charleston Dogwood-Azalea festival while me and my family family took the Candlelight Walk. This event brings people from all around the country to enjoy the blooms and beautifully decorated homes in Charleston. This scene caught my attention with the way the under-lit pink Dogwood blooms were glowing on this particularly charismatic tree.
This photo was taken earlier this year as well. My 6-year-old daughter wanted to go out and take photos with her new camera so we decided to go follow a thunderstorm that was making its way just to our east. This one rogue cloud positioned itself perfectly in front of the sun to create some amazing light rays and an incredibly contrast-filled scene.
This is my first milky way photo to make it into a calendar. I’ve been practicing this type of photography for a few years but wasn’t comfortable enough with my quality of work to put them into a calendar. This year i was finally able to hone the craft enough to a point where I’m not disappointed in the result.
Waterfalls can be beautiful. But they’re not always easy to create a decent composition with. I had photographed this fall at Ferne Clyffe State Park in Illinois before, so I wanted something different on this trip. After browsing around I was able to find this composition that frames the falls nicely and the contrast of the shadowed areas created some nice depth and really accentuated the light cascading over the falls.
While on a family camping trip to Clearwater Lake last year I woke up early and set out looking for a photo. I came across this image that features a patch of flooded tall grass with a glowing morning light flowing over it. Definitely one of my favorite campgrounds I have been to.
Corn fields, especially after mature, aren’t overly photogenic. Luckily i was blessed with some nice wispy altocumulus (don’t quote me on that!) clouds that balanced out the scene. They also do a nice job of countering the jagged corn tops as well.
Another shot from Ferne Clyffe, this one taken last fall. I really liked the balance of colors in the foreground and background. I wasn’t overly excited about the sky though.
This was one of my favorite sunrises ever. I was actually out at Delaney Lake scouting for ducks on this morning, but had to change gears once the sky ignited. The way the light rolls over the bottom of the clouds exposing their rough texture is amazing.
This photo was taken in Section Alabama, overlooking a portion of Lake Guntersville. I’ve stopped at this spot several times while visiting family, but this was the first time i had any luck at all. I used a longer 70-200 lens to zoom in and feature the bend in the lake rather than go for the obvious wide angle shot.